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Project Description

Approach: The garden has been designed as a family garden and includes areas to entertain and relax. As the house is in the Arts and Crafts style we researched the movement and used this as the primary inspiration. From this the decision was taken to use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship throughout the garden such as reclaimed York stone for paving, bespoke benches and a pergola in Oak and the finest handmade dining table and chairs. A low brick wall topped by a contemporary looking fence in hardwood surround the garden.

In the early design stages a narrow rectangle, taken from the kitchen window was used as a design idea and this was subsequently taken through the garden in various forms. Most prominent are the pair of raised pools in Corten Steel which provide a central focus point to the garden. Hedges and topiary continue this idea throughout the garden and give the whole a contemporary feel.

Leaving the kitchen you come out onto the terrace in York stone. An oval table and chairs, large enough to seat eight people, offers an opportunity to enjoy morning sunshine, dine and entertain. Four large pots planted with Lemon trees for summer and autumn give an uplifting feeling and sense of good living outdoors. These would then be changed for Camellia sasanqua which would flower in winter and spring. Daphne bholua and Roses would be planted in the beds on this terrace.

From the terrace two steps take you down into a garden where two large pools of water made from Corten steel form a focus. The shape of the pools are mimicked by three strong yew hedge structures within the garden. Around these colourful evergreens, scented and low maintenance plants have been planted into gravel to provide all year interest and scent. Plants such as Euphorbia characias, lavandula, Cistus, Agapanthus, Sarcoccoca, Daphne bholua and Myrtus. Bespoke Oak benches and a table provide opportunity to relax.

An area of lawn joins this space and is broken up by three large, low Box hedges which mimic the pools of water. A mixed planting in white, pink and deep blues of Rosa ‘felicia’, shrubs and perennials have been chosen to provide year round interest and low maintenance.

A bespoke oak pergola in this area gives another space to relax or entertain in and is furnished with a daybed, armchairs and table to enjoy the evening sunshine. An outbuilding provides ample storage space and because of the windows can be used for overwintering plants.

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