November 2011

The planting around the tennis court has started.

Client: Jacaranda Caracciolo, Garavicchio, Capalbio, Tuscany, Italy.

Our thoughts were to create something natural looking resonant of the local coastal flora; the typical ‘macchia mediterranea’, which also connects and sits well with the woodland and olive grove nearby.

Native and native-esque plants were used to achieve this, and careful attention given to form and texture as well as scent and colour. A strong year-round framework is provided by Boxwood, Westringia, rosemary, wild sage and Ballota. Against these, thickets of wild Burnet rose weave through the planting together with various pink and white Cistus, exuding their heady resinous odour, combining with that of wild rosemary, sage and roses to create the typical scent, colour and feel of the ‘macchia mediterranea’.

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